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slag condirtoner using dolomite magnesite

Slag Conditioner - ISM, Inc.

A slag conditioner including 20-90 wt. % carbonaceous material with the balance being an MgO-containing material having at least 50% MgO as periclase, wherein the MgO (total):C weight ratio is 0.05-0.4. The slag conditioner may further comprise a CaO-containing material.

Slag Conditioners - INTOCAST

The main reason for consuming magnesitic and dolomitic slag conditioners is the enrichment of slags with basic oxides. They are needed to perform metallurgical work and for the protection of refractory linings. Pneumatically conveyable slag conditioners with higher LOI percentage also provide ideal support in slag foaming.

US7914599B2 - Slag conditioner composition, process for .

A slag conditioner comprising by weight a mixture and 2% to 25% binder for bonded agglomerates or larger particles of said mixture, the mixture comprising: 20% to 90% burned aggregates comprised of particles less than 8 mm of which at least 30% is 0.2 mm or greater and containing between 35% and 94% MgO; up to 50% slag-making carbonaceous or .

Start-up slags for producing magnesium from dolomite ore in a .

The choice of start-up slag composition depends on the type and the composition of the charge recipes used in the magnesium Start-up slags for producing magnesium from dolomite ore in a Magnethermic reactor by I.M. Morsi*, and H.H. Ali* Synopsis The present study investigates the feasibility of using some

Slag Conditioner | Eryas Mining | olivine sand, EAF, AFS, EBT .

Less material need since Olivine contains high MgO according to both serpentine and dolomite. Less slag is obtained by using olivine 75% of time passes in sinter temperature is used for evaporating CO2 when dolomite is used in sinter. Whereas this time becomes 15% shorter since it is used for the actual intent.

Olivine as slag conditioner in ironmaking, and its effect on .

A numerical analysis study comparing the effect of olivine, dunite and dolomite as slag conditioner in the sinter and in the blast furnace has been made and verified with reported experimental .

US20070266824A1 - Using a slag conditioner to beneficiate bag .

A slag conditioner containing MgO, up to 50% slag-making carbon, 10 to 60% particulates of bag house dust and dropout box particles and 2% to 25% binder is mixed and formed under pressure to produce aggregates which can have the form of a briquette.


through the utilization of dolomite and MgO briquettes as slag conditioners. The use of both . saturation, for instance dolomite, magnesite[8], MgO Briquettes and recycled bricks[9,10,11]. .

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