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new technology for mining

Implementing new technology in mining | Deloitte Insights

Overthe years, most mining companies have made significant investments in a range of back-end technology systems. In embracing a digital future, however, miners will likely need to modernize many of these legacy systems and migrate to a digital core—raising a range of considerations around moving to the cloud, adopting sound cyber risk strategies, and choosing the best approach for .

Ten technologies with the power to transform mining

3D laser scanning is a relatively new technology for the mining industry despite its application for many years in other fields such as civil engineering, architectural design and forensic investigation.

Technology Archives - Mining Technology | Mining News and .

After declining ore grades and Covid-19 impacted silver output in 2020, production is forecast to rise by 8.1% in 2021, says GlobalData. Global silver mine production is estimated to have declined by 2.4% to 849.7 million ounces (moz) in 2020, the fourth…

The New Technology Frontier in Mining - BCG Global

The New Technology Frontier in Mining January 31, 2018 By Matthias Tauber, Jan Philipp Bender, and Adrian Schulte Steinberg Mining in the not-too-distant future won’t look all that different from something out of, say, I, Robot or Battlestar Galactica. Robots will be shuttled to outer space, where they will mine asteroids.

Seven Ways New Technology Will Impact the Mining Sector .

Disruptive technology has been changing the face of mining, with labour and other impacts, since mining began. But the coming wave is different in quality and speed than anything we have seen before. Technology is not a homogeneous force. Some new technologies—like automation and drones—will replace labour. | Features Library | New Mining Technologies

17th August 2018 Mining equipment and services provider Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology continues to set the pace in underground mining with the launch of its rock-reinforcement cable bolter.

The Advances of Technology & Methods of Future Mining Operations

The modernization of the mining industry will have a large impact on supporting industries and businesses. One such industry is mining infrastructure and camp systems. With the implementation of new technology, mining companies will be able to operate with greater speed and efficiency, producing higher yields, and see the life-span of mines .

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