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roller crushing patent roller crushing peerless

DK2911797T3 - Roller Crusher - Google Patents

A roller crusher comprising a housing frame (1), a rotatable roller (2), a swing arm (4) mounted on a swing arm shaft (3) on the housing frame (1), a crushing chamber (5) between the roller (2) ) and the pivot arm (4), and an adjusting device (6) located at a distance from the pivot arm (3) between the pivot arm (4) and a thrust bearing (7) stationary with respect to the housing frame (1 .

Roller jaw crusher system and method - Google Patents

A roller jaw crusher system including an elongated roller that rotates normally about a center axis, and a movable breaking plate configured to define a gradually smaller gap between the breaking plate and the roller, wherein the movable breaking plate is configured to rise upward and descend in both a downward direction and a direction toward the elongated roller to break a frangible material .

CN101992138A - Double roller crusher - Google Patents

The invention relates to a crusher which comprises a drive device, a driving shaft, a driven shaft, a transmission mechanism, rollers, a feed inlet, a feed outlet and a bracket, wherein the transmission mechanism comprises a driving tire and a driven tire; one end of the driving shaft is connected with the drive device, and the other end of the driving shaft is connected with the driving tire .

SG71081A1 - Roller press grinding plant - Google Patents

B02C4/02 — Crushing or disintegrating by roller mills with two or more rollers SG1998000191A 1998-01-26 1998-01-26 Roller press grinding plant SG71081A1 ( en ) Priority Applications (1)

US6086003A - Roll press for crushing . - Google Patents

The present invention relates to a roll press, especially for crushing very abrasive materials, comprising at least two press rolls of which each includes a wear layer arranged on a basic body, the.

Handling apparatus and methods for handling a roller . - Justia

The invention relates to a handling apparatus for handling a roller of a roller crusher. The handling apparatus comprises a movable base, a carrier pivotably attached to said base and adapted to carry the roller, at least one carrier pivoting device pivotably attached to said base and attached to said carrier, said carrier pivoting device being extendable, and at least one roller pivoting .

Patent Report: | US10065191 | Twin roller crusher

To achieve this object, the invention proposes that each crusher tooth of a roller of the roller pair is associated with a respective pocket in the outer surface of the other roller of the roller pair, in such a way that during rotation of the rollers, the crusher tooth engages into the respective pocket.

crushing roller mill patent -

US4168806A - Roll type crushing mill - Google Patents. A roll crushing mill of the type having a frame with two rotatably disposed crushing rolls parallel and in opposition to one another forming therebetween a crusher gap are both deflectable relative to one another, each roll being mounted on a rotary shaft, each shaft being mounted on a carriage, and the carriages being swingably pivoted on .

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