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mining grading equipment for wolframite in pakistan


Recommendation 5: Fiscal reforms in the mining sector of Pakistan Specific Mining Tax –Unchanged, however, specific mining incentive law Royalty - 6.5 % for five years to attract investment. A progressive increase after 5 years. Corporate Income Tax - 15% as an incentive for investors Government share in revenue – for 5 years, than


In the year 2017, Pakistan’s total mineral exports were 0.5 Billion USD as compared to the world’s 401 Billion USD. A number of gaps exist in exploitation and marketing of mineral. Regulatory Framework has missing links between the national mineral policy and provincial mining policies/laws, resulting in procedural

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Mining in Pakistan is a dangerous job, especially coal mining, as safety procedures are often neglected and accidents are quite common. There is air pollution with no modern safety equipment such as breathing equipment or ventilation.

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MESSAGE FROM THE DESK OF CEO. Me and my Directors always been thinking rather dreaming of setting up Mining Industry in private sector, and being highly committed to this noble cause, we kept working day and night and ultimately succeeded in our mission (Mashallah) and discovered the purest from of White Marble deposits in the far-flung Zone of upper part of the District Chitral in the .

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Duki is the best private mining valley in Pakistan. More than 50% of the labor is from Afghanistan. Musakhael. Kingri sub-Tehsil of Musakhel District is located on the borders of Punjab Province. In the early 1980s coal exploro tion started, but ended due to poor roads.

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MIR IRFAN QADIR ZEHRI, Director Coal Mining Project in Balochistan province having vast experience in coal mining since Decades his father was a well reputed in the history of Balochistan . The (Late) Mir Qadir Baksh Zehri who introduced the Dark green onyx for the first time in Baluchistan and known as the legend of the Minerals in Pakistan .

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Pakistan mineral sector have a potential to boost up the economy of Pakistan, state initiatives like establishment of Baluchistan Mineral Exploration company is a great step in this development ladder and an encouraging sign for global mining players to invest in Mineral sector of Pakistan.

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Every job needs to get to grade. Topcon gets you there with smooth, accurate results. No matter how demading the job specification, we have a solution that can meet or exceed it. 3D-MC² brings vertical accruacy within 1.5cm, and Millimeter GPS can tighten that even further.

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