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names of coltan mining companies in congo

Coltan Mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo

2 Coltan Mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo • Karen Hayes & Richard Burge The designation of geographical entities in this document and the presentation of the material do not imply any expression on the part of the author or Fauna & Flora International concerning the legal status of any

Mining industry of the Democratic Republic of the Congo .

[full citation needed] The Government of Canada reported 28 Canadian mining and exploration companies operating in the D.R. Congo between 2001 and 2009, with four carrying out commercial-scale extraction; collectively, these companies' assets in the DRC ranged between Cdn.$161 million in 2003 and $5.2 billion in 2008.

List of Companies in Congo

Colombite Tantalite Coltan, Iron Oxide black, Manganese. Address:Raquete 1800 Matadi-Isiro Matadi/Isiro Matadi Bas Congo/ Isiro Haut Uele 112 Congo Korongo Mines Sprl Copper, Cathodes, Corongo, Mines. Address:21Avenue katanga Lubumbashi Congo Congo Kolwezi Mining Co gold nuggets and copper cathodes. Address:Dar-salaam, DAR, Tanzania, Tanzania

Mining Companies in the DRC | Africa Mining IQ

We currently list over 7 000 mining companies and engineers currently working in mining in Africa! Here’s how Africa Mining IQ can benefit your company: Be in the loop early in the project, with key contacts to mine owner, project engineer & EPC level, to build relationships and influence engineers early for a successful bid

Mining Companies in the DRC - Copperbelt Katanga Mining

Copperbelt Katanga Mining is the central Africa’s largest mining information service provider, with over 350 projects on record to date, over 90 of these projects are located in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our CKM team constantly tracks and monitors the progress of each of these mining projects.

Coltan Mining in Congo: What We Should Know – Global .

Coltan mining has also had a huge environmental impact in Congo. Rebels that control the mining have often overrun forests in reserved national parks for mining. And the poverty and starvation from the war was caused many people to resort to poaching wildlife in the country. It is also worth noting that the path that coltan takes to get from .

19. American Companies Exploit the Congo - Top 25 of 2003

Coltan is used to make mobile phones, night vision goggles, fiber optics, and capacitators used to maintain the electrical charge in computer chips. In December of 2000 the shortage of coltan was the main reason that the popular sale of the Sony Play Station 2 video game came to an abrupt halt.

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