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cons for open pit mining

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An open pit mining operation virtually eliminates any biologic life at the surface. Vegetation is stripped, and the surface at the dig site is left completely barren. Without replanting and restoring the ecosystem, a strip mining site can take decades to recover. Abandoned mining pits can also pose extreme risks.

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Disadvantages of open pit mining One of the main disadvantages of this type of mining operation is the environmental impact it causes. Since cyanide, mercury and sulfuric acid are used to remove the wastewater, groundwater and air are contaminated as toxic dust. This is absorbed by animals and plants.

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Disadvantages of open pit mining However, disadvantages when compared to Underground Mining also exist: Very large amounts of waste rock are mined. This creates costs as well as environmental issues with waste rock disposal;

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Open pit mining pros cons eHow Openpit mining is a type of mineral or rock extraction that does not necessitate tunnelling into the earth. When a desired mineral or rock is near the surface, companies typically opt for openpit mining due to its lower costs and increased efficiency.

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Open pit extraction is far safer than shaft mining. The threat of cave-in or release of toxic gas in underground mining is a continuing concern. When shaft mining was the most common method of mining ore, thousands were killed in cellars, gas events and equipment accidents. In 1907 alone, there were more than 3,200 mining-related deaths.

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What are pro's and cons of open pit mining? some pros are: easier extraction, costs less, the mechanichal advantage, the safer working conditions, and the cosumer benifits. some cons are the .

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